What he did to this $5 note blew our minds!

Commuting to and from work each day on the tram can become quite mundane. People wearing headphones and zoning out, others texting away on their phones or playing games on their iPads… everyone in their private solo worlds. But when Nick Kesidis decided to use his phone to video a demonstration of what we’re looking for in the MAGIC ON THE MOVE competition, the whole tram was abuzz with excitement!

Suddenly, the long ride home became and adventure where anything could happen, and YOU can be a part of it too! Take a look at our exciting new competition MAGIC ON THE MOVE, sponsored by Yarra Trams, and you’ll be looking forward to touching on and creating your own magic… on the move!

All you have to do is record yourself doing a trick, any trick, on the tram and submit the URL and you could be in the running for prizes worth thousands of dollars. All of the videos submitted will be judged by none other than The Grand Illusionist, Cosentino, himself!

And the best part is.. enter as many times as you like!

Freak your fellow travelers out every day with a brand new trick and LOVE YOUR TRAMS!

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