Barry Smith – Impossible Bottles

Thanks to Barry Smith of Geelong, The Melbourne Magic Festival is proud to exhibit his astonishing collection of IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLES.

Inspired by the legendary Harry Eng, who placed packs of playing cards, golf balls, rubik cubes and padlocks into bottles, Barry has made his mark in this unique field as the only Australian represented in Merlin Dunlop’s Impossible Bottles gallery – CLICK HERE

Once you see these bottles up close, we guarantee you’ll be talking about them for weeks to come. These are puzzles truly hurt your brain as your mind tries to figure out exactly how they are done.

They will be on display in the East Wing Foyer throughout the Magic Festival so make sure to bring your camera and a very analytical mind. We’d love to hear your theories on these Impossible Bottles.

Bottled knots 006 Golf balls TRY IMG_1071

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