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In light of the current global pandemic we at the Melbourne Magic Festival are currently assessing our options for the 2020 event. The health of our performers and audiences are our first priority.

As soon as we have any news, we’ll let you know.

Please remember, the magicians who entertain you live on the income that each show brings, and for the duration of this pandemic many have no shows at all.

If you are in a position to support them in any way – by buying their products or merchandise, by purchasing any livestream shows they might create, or buy simply PayPaling them a “tip” to help them to survive this crisis – it will be greatly appreciated.

Until then, stay safe and believe in magic!

Meanwhile, the magic continues online with LOTS of incredible shows to watch including the nightly chat show LANEWAY LIVE, which will bring the magic into your home with a brand new episode every night at 8pm.





Shezam – Caria Hendrix & Kayla Drescher.

Two Magicians. One Mic. – Simon Coronel & Nick Paul

The Magicians’ Podcast (100 Episodes!)

The Magic Word – Scott Wells

Tales from the Top Bunk – Family friendly stories with Nicholas J Johnson & daughter Bea

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