Glen Waverley's expansive campus comprises dedicated Junior, Middle and Senior Schools with age-specific learning, recreation and social areas.
The Butterfly Club is a small theatre in the heart of Melbourne. We have plenty of shows, award-winning foyer bars, and an enormous collection of kitsch.
This event is hosted in the Victoria University Gym, located in Moffat St, St Albans. The space is transformed with lights, sound, video and multimedia in a cross between a magic show and a fast-paced TV game show for kids.
The Magic School of Confidence is a Magic School with a difference. Not only do we train and inspire a new generation of magicians, we also help build essential life skills and self-confidence that can be used everyday.
Once upon a time... ... there was a cocktail bar in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD called ‘StoryVille’… Styled around childhood fables that we know and love, this fairy tale themed venue offers a truly unique and whimsical experience for those who dare to roam throughout its rooms.
The MC Showroom is for artists, emerging and established, from all walks of life and backgrounds to help with their own unique storytelling journey.
It is situated inside MAGIC CENTRAL and is based around a poker table with just 12 seats. It is the absolute ideal venue to witness true Close Up Magic.
The theatre seats 40 guests and has a back row of raised stools making it ideal to watch parlour magic.
The theatre seats just 40 guests and has tiered making it ideal to watch intimate sleight of hand illusion.
The theatre seats 80 guests and has a raised stage and comfortable seating. During the day, children are invited to sit on mats in front of the stage so they can enjoy the magic and fun up close.
The theatre seats 260 guests and has a raised proscenium arch stage and huge video screen making it ideal to watch all styles of magic from intimate sleight of hand to large scale grand illusion.
Hidden behind an old and apparently haunted shoe factory on a major road in Northcote, The Laneway Theatre is an entirely accessible yet secret little purpose-built venue specifically designed to present magic acts.
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