The Magic School of Confidence

The Magic School of Confidence is a Magic School with a difference.

Not only do we train and inspire a new generation of magicians, we also help build essential life skills and self-confidence that can be used everyday. Apart from gaining self-confidence, there are plenty of other ways you can benefit from learning Magic from the MSC.


Benefits of learning Magic for Adults:

  • – Create added impact to work presentations
  • – Building new friendships through the MSC
  • – Add an element of surprise to events or dinner parties
  • – Gain popularity amongst friends, family and work colleagues
  • – Build concentration levels and memory skills


Benefits of learning Magic for Children:

  • – Opening their mind to a world of fantasy and fun
  • – Allowing them to use their imagination through storytelling
  • – Improve dexterity, hand/eye coordination, concentration levels and memory
  • – Build public speaking skills



Venue Details
Venue Details