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The Quizzical Mr Jeff

The Quizzical Mr Jeff

WINNER of Weekly Best Circus at Perth Fringe World 2019!!

WINNER of Melbourne Magic Festival ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019!!

The Quizzical Mr Jeff returns with his ever-popular, family-friendly, award-winning show!

Join Mr Jeff as he brings you into his amazing world of magic and wonder. With his highly visual fusion of exciting tricks and sense of discovery, Mr Jeff explores a mysterious room where he uses circus to bring objects to life, his lively sense of humour to create hilarity and giggles, and wields his magic to make dazzling illusions and impossible moments.

Stand-out pieces include a bottle with a will of its own, hoops woven into mind-bending optical illusions and Mr Jeff’s uncanny ability to loosen the grasp of gravity and do impossible things!

Be blown away by Mr Jeff’s exceptional technical skill, honed by years performing in the Circus Ring, and find yourself with a contagious grin brought on by the fun antics of this charismatic showman.

This one of a kind show will bring wonder to your mind, a smile to your face and leave you glowing inside. Guaranteed to create unforgettable moments for you and your family. The enchanting world of The Quizzical Mr Jeff awaits!!!


★★★★★ “There were many ‘laugh out loud’ moments in this super fun show that is definitely great for the whole family” – Eventalaide

★★★★★ “Jam packed with action and wondrous feats” – Drew Ames

★★★★ “One of a kind and definitely worth seeing, if not for the magic, then for the undoubtedly fun time you’ll have” – Fringe Feed

★★★★ “Humorous onstage antics and polished circus skills” – Fringe Review


Show Length: 50 mins

Recommended for ages 5-18+ years



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