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The Quizzical Mr Jeff

The Quizzical Mr Jeff

The Quizzical Mr Jeff

Join Mr Jeff and unleash your imagination with this ever-popular, family-friendly, award-winning Show!

Specializing in visual shenanigans! Circus, Magic and variety entertainment are his tools for opening the pathway into a world of whimsical wonders. Don’t expect any card tricks or long winded monologues instead prepare yourself for an unreasonably sized balloon with the ability to eat a human whole, A golden cane unrestrained by the grasp of gravity and the ability to pull light out of a light bulb and hold it in his hands are just some of the things you will witness.

Offering a plethora of whimsical wonders The Quizzical Mr Jeff presents audiences with an opportunity to be transported into the most fantastical and vivid world of novelty and illusion. With exquisitely choreographed routines coupled with exceptional physical skills your smile will come to life as you are swept away in the music and caught up in the action.

This festival come and enjoy the highest caliber or Variety entertainment. From the beginning to the end you will be transfixed, entertained and charmed by this Circus Showman.

This one of a kind show will bring wonder to your mind, a smile to your face and leave you glowing inside, The enchanting world of the Quizzical Mr Jeff awaits!!!


WINNER of Best Kids show Melbourne Magic Festival 2021!!

WINNER of Weekly Best Circus at Perth Fringe World 2019!!

WINNER of Melbourne Magic Festival ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019!!



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“There were many ‘laugh out loud’ moments in this super fun show that is definitely great for the whole family” – Eventalaide


“Jam packed with action and wondrous feats” – Drew Ames


“One of a kind and definitely worth seeing, if not for the magic, then for the undoubtedly fun time you’ll have” – Fringe Feed




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