Sam King’s TADA gets a 4.5 star review!

Great magic does not have to be big and extravagant to entertain, and Sam King proves this in his award-winning show, “Sam King Presents TA DA: The Ramblings of a Magician”.


Perfectly located at Melbourne’s quirky and iconic Butterfly Club, the friendly staff immediately welcomes you, and Sam himself personally greets each guest in the intimate theatre space.


From start to finish, Sam brings warmth and connection to the audience, putting the entire room at ease. Sam brings a calm confidence to the stage, keeping the audience completely engaged throughout the entire show.


Although a magic show at its core, the sheer talent of Sam’s stand-up comedy routine bits cannot be overlooked. Simple and effective magic tricks and illusions are cleverly connected to his ingeniously crafted comedic narratives.


At times reminiscent of the comedy stylings of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt (of ‘The Mighty Boosh’ fame), Sam has created a magic show that masterfully intertwines his passion for magic with his quick wit and brilliant talent in comedy.


With an intimate audience, it wasn’t long before Sam had the entire room entranced and taken on an unexpected and utterly entertaining narrative journey. We were introduced to unforgettable characters, including Gary, the bitter violin case, Thumper the rabbit who had met an unfortunate and untimely end, and a strangely hilarious unfinished wooden ventriloquist puppet.


There is nothing better in the world of entertainment than watching a creative artist do what they love on stage. From start to finish, it was clear that Sam not only loves what he does but is also extremely talented.


Sam King presents TA DA: The Ramblings of a Magician


Sam’s passion for magic and comedy fed directly into the audience. Laughter abounded in those brilliantly placed comedic moments, and the audience was openly amazed by the magic and illusions that were thoughtfully paced throughout the show.


Although some people cringe at the thought of being involved in audience participation, Sam masterfully involved a large proportion of audience members, finding that lovely ‘sweet spot’ where people feel comfortable enough to want to actively engage and be a part of the show.


This was quite simply one of those feel-good shows that give the audience exactly what we all need more of these days: a really good belly laugh and an escape from the humdrum of daily life.


‘TA DA’ is on until the 6th of July at the Butterfly Club.


Sam’s next show, ‘Tricks & Stuff,’ his award-winning close-up magic experience, runs from July 9 to 13 at 483 Swanston Street.

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