Rob Zabrecky – International Guest for 2015

We are VERY EXCITED to be hosting Rob Zabrecky’s very first Australian performances. You can book in to see his amazing one man show

TURN ON THE DARK WITH ZABRECKY  (8.15pm, June 30 to July 4, 2015)

or, if you have an interest in performing magic or theatre, attend his acclaimed lecture

ROB ZABRECKY’S A, B, Zs.   (12.30pm, July 4, 2015)

Plus, we just heard he has been nominated ‘Parlour Magician of the Year’ for 2014 at Hollywood’s Magic Castle! Come see Rob in action and you’ll understand why!


There’s simply no other magician like Rob Zabrecky. Through a wide range of artistic work that spans acting, magic, and music, Rob Zabrecky has established himself globally as an original entertainer. In live performances,

he invents a magical world through a series of strange and beautiful effects which he combines with remarkable timing and sensational theatrical edifice. Like film director David Lynch, Zabrecky sets the stage for everyday life, then sets it on fire. His one-person show, Turn on the Dark, with Zabrecky combines highlights from his award winning Magic Castle act and new work into one highly entertaining bundle with a distinct point of view.

Magic Magazine described him as, “A unique persona, highly reminiscent of Norman Bates, with a bit of Rod Serling in the mix — a psycho from the Twilight Zone, doing magic. Whether performing the Diminishing Cards while spasmodically “dancing” off beat to the music, getting electrocuted, cutting paper into two-headed dolls, or introducing his 95-year-old grandfather — who turns out to be ashes in an urn — the results are both mystifying and amusing, fascinating and entertaining. One cannot help but wonder, however, just how much of the strange fellow onstage is the real Rob and how much is acted by design.”

In 2011 and 2012 he was voted “Stage Magician of the Year” at the Magic Castle. He also appears in Ryan Gosling’s directorial fantasy noir debut, “Lost River” portraying his magic persona at a fetish nightclub.

Zabrecky’s career began as a musician while being the singer-songwriter and bassist for the Los Angeles group Possum Dixon, who released three albums on Interscope Records during the 1990s.


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