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E G Lee

Direct from South Korea

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ILLUSIONIST EG (Eun Gyeol Lee) has popularised Magic and lead the Magic genre in Korea since 1996.

He pioneered and developed the transformation of standard magic performance to art performance with a number of challenges and experiments that nobody had ever done before in Korea.

As the first Master Magician in Korea, EG won the first place in a large number of national magic competitions since 2001. At FISM 2003 he won second place and in FISM 2006, he became the first Asian to win the first prize in General Magic.

As the first magician celebrity in Korea, he has been at the forefront of making magic popular. His book ‘Learning Magic From Eye’ was a best seller for more than half a year and sold more than 5 million copies. He introduced a new show business genre to Korea with his hugely popular ‘Magic Concert’, a full 2-hour theatre show that sold out every year from 2001 to 2007.

Most recently, he has been creating and developing shows with conceptual ideas and ideology. His latest is the spectacular show ‘The Illusion’ – a full 2-hour production show – the only magic show in the world which contains philosophy. A “beautiful show which defines ‘magic’ from modern art point of view”.

As an artist, his performance art pieces ‘DIRECTION’ (2014) and ’MELIES ILLUSION’ (2016) were extremely well received with the public and took magic into a whole new direction.

In the way that he embodies his thoughts (philosophy and ideology) through magic as a special language and form of communication, his performances named ‘Illusion art’ have been far beyond ‘magic’ genre, and have extended it to a new conceptual philosophy genre.

You can catch his show META ILLUSION exclusively at The Melbourne Magic Festival July 11 to 15.



Illusionist EG has become one of the most well known and beloved personalities on Korean Television and has had many TV series of his own as well as featuring on many other shows.

Here is just a small selection.



2011: The Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society

2006.07 : FISM 1st prize in general Magic and Special Award: Las Vegas contract

2003.10 : Le Festival de la Magie-LES MANDRAKES D’OR award [Paris, France]

2003.07 : FISM 2nd prize and Ranked at 2nd place in Manipulations

2003.01 : Las Vegas Magic Seminar -Golden Lion’s Award

2002.07 : S.A.M. Convention -Centennial Award, People Choice, High Score Award

2002.04 : SA Magic Championship -Grand-Prix award, Manipulation 1st prize award [South Africa]

2001.08 : UGM The World Magic Contest in Asia-Grand-Prix









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