Goodnight Max

Last night we received the devastating news that the last living legend in the world of magic was with us no more.

Our good friend, special guest at the 2016 Melbourne Magic Festival, Max Maven has passed away.

For over 50 years Max has dominated the magic world, specifically in the field of mentalism, but his encyclopedic knowledge of every area of our art was absolutely unsurpassed.

From his off-Broadway show to his own licensed version of ‘Fool Us’ (“Can You Fool The Master?”) to appearances on Mork & Mindy, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and many TV series where he was the star… Max always cast a long and distinctive shadow.

He published hundreds of books, thousands of tricks, and had millions of admirers (friends) all over the world.

His last visit to Melbourne was typical as magicians from all over Australia flocked just to be in his presence.

Max has lived a wonderful life, left an incomparable legacy, and we will never see the likes of him in our lifetime’s again.

He left magic better than when he found it.

Goodnight Max.



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