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MAGIC IN THE DARK is the only magic show worldwide that takes place in absolute darkness.

It was presented for the first time in September 2010 in the Auditorium of the CaixaGalicia Foundation in Coruña, for the 30est National Magic Congress in Spain. Normally, when presented, because of its unique characteristics, the show gets excellent reviews and a high broadcasting on the media and press.

MAGIC IN THE DARK is a show conceived for people unable to see, as well as for sighted people (adults, ideally over 8-10 years old), where everyone can be a part of a unique and amazing experience.  While there is a distinct prevalence of visual stimulus in most of the shows, MAGIC IN THE DARK invites the public to witness the possibility to be astonished and live magic without using their sight, participating on an experience that allows them to activate the intellect, fantasy and emotion. The audience is guided into a pitch black room, while blindfolded, and takes part in one of the most unique, magical experiences on the planet.

Juan Esteban Varela, its creator, who is also blindfolded during the show, states that:

  • As long as a person has the ability to imagine, it is possible to stimulate his/her fantasy with fiction.
  • As long as a person has the ability of reasoning, it is possible to intervene with his/her interpretation process and create a mystery.
  • As long as a person has the ability to be moved, it is possible to transform a magical effect into a personal experience.
  • Sight, as any other sense, is only a means. The final purpose of magic is the excitement and amazement.



“I perform magic since I was 6 because I believe that the biggest illusion is the one of our limits. Magic reminds us that anything is possible.”

After finishing his law studies in PonDficia Universidad Catolica, Juan Esteban Varela moved to Spain and dedicated his life to the pursuit of magic.

He was voted Magician of the Year in his home country of Chile and has created many different magic shows, though MAGIC IN THE DARK is his most famous.


He performed it in Spain where the King of Spain’s sister said “Thank you for creating this show. For the first time I understood the meaning of a disappearance.”

In Las Vegas, acclaimed magician Steve Varro said Magic in the Dark “truly was an amazing event that every sighted person should experience.”

 He is very excited to be bringing MAGIC IN THE DARK to Australia for the very first time, and especially proud to be partnering with VISION AUSTRALIA.


MAGIC IN THE DARK @The Dark, 35 Johnston St, Collingwood – 7.15pm to 8.30pm – July 3 to 7.

Tickets on sale from April 1



Juan will also be presenting three other shows during the Festival.


UNCERTAIN MIRACLES is the new mentalism show, from Chilean illusionist Juan Esteban Varela.  This show has been presented in Spain, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, with excellent comments and reception from the audience.

UNCERTAIN MIRACLES is a stage or a salon show, created for a very demanding audience.  Mixing statistics with psychological techniques with skills typical of illusionism, Juan Esteban develops various games and intellectual intrigues that make the spectators lose themselves within the limits of what’s real, between what is possible and what isn’t.

UNCERTAIN MIRACLES involves the spectators directly, making them become part of the mystery and the impossible.  Juan Esteban unveils people’s thoughts, or who is lying, or he can influence the decisions from the other spectators among the audience, without them suspecting how this happened.

One show only – 12.00pm Saturday July 7 – Sawtooth Studio



TO BE HONEST, is a show designed especially for small groups of people, although it can also be projected in case someone desires to present it to larger audiences.  The spectators can observe the illusions within centimeters and they are directly involved in most of the effects.

TO BE HONEST is a very intimate magic proposal, enhancing each spectator’s amazement, thus guaranteeing a unique and unforgettable experience.

During the whole show, Juan Esteban Varela uses humor and narrative as a resource, in order to make the show a dynamic and entertaining experience and simultaneously amazing.

One show only – 7.30pm Sunday July 1, The Laneway Theatre





One show only – 3.30pm Saturday July 7, Sawtooth Studio


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