Mojo & Jimmy are coming!

First time ever at THE MELBOURNE MAGIC FESTIVAL is the brand new family show from our own Broadway Illusionist and World Champion of Magic.

Dom Chambers and Simon Coronel have combined their incredible creative resources to create what has been described as “A Pixar movie come to life”

The annual comedy magic extravaganza in HappyVale takes an unexpected turn, evolving into a thrilling adventure to rescue the forest! This heartwarming show will have you gasping in awe, laughing until your belly hurts, and possibly shedding a tear or two (of joy, we promise!).

Join us on this rollercoaster of amazement where the impossible becomes the norm, guided by the two hilarious stars of the show: Mojo The Monkey & Jimmy The Tomato.

“*Genius!*” – Simon Cowell

“*Perfect!*” – Penn & Teller


12.45pm, July 9-13, Arrow on Swanston: The Houdini Theatre




Mojo & Jimmy

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