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You Can Ask That


All Female Q&A Panel

Penn & Teller. David Blaine. Criss Angel. David Copperfield. Dynamo. Derren Brown.

Where are all the female magicians?

Stand back because there is a revolution coming!

Media all over the world are starting to pick up on it:

And last week the London Times ran a full feature on the rise and rise of women in magic.

The Melbourne Magic Festival is showcasing more female performers than ever before. Thanks to an incredibly pro-active and diverse magic community here in Melbourne, with classes, courses, creativity sessions and the Australian Junior Championships of Magic, the stereotype of the magician is set to disappear forever.



Lee Cohen, past President of the Australian Institute of Magic, is premiering a new collaboration aptly titled ‘Now You See Us’ with Prue Spencer and Nicola Marie, both recent winners of The Australian Junior Championships of Magic. (Prue is also starring in ’21 – Magic’s Next Generation’). 

Carisa Hendrix, the Canadian magician who birthed her now world famous character ‘Lucy Darling’ at the 2017 Melbourne Magic Festival is returning with a brand new show.

Simone Turkington, a regular at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, is bringing her show ‘Suspicious Minds’.

Cath Jamison, one of Melbourne’s best known magicians, has created a new show with cabaret singer Aurora Kurth called ‘Sass & Secrets’.

Rosanna, recently immigrated to Melbourne from Sydney, is headlining the popular ‘Illusionaire Magic Show’.

Julia Madotti, is performing one night only in the lavish spectactle ‘The Paris Underground Cabaret’.

Imogen Brough, magician, clown and bubbleologist, has a delightful show for kids called ‘Polly Pop It’.

Liz Skitch, creator of The Moulin Beige, is working with Anthony De Masi to direct ‘La Magic Clown’- featuring a diverse mix of performers from clown, circus and magic backgrounds.

Jo Clyne, is presenting a duo magic show called ‘Split Focus’.

Ruby, the eleven year old daughter of veteran Nick Nickolas, will be performing alongside her Dad in ‘Boondoggle’.


This year we are staging a free panel session at The Melba Spiegeltent on July 13, ‘You CAN Ask That!’ explaining just how to become a woman (or gender diverse) magician, featuring many of our amazing Magic Festival stars.

You can get more information, and even ask them your questions anonymously, by clicking HERE

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