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About the Arrow Hub

Arrow on Swanston (488 Swanston St)

Parking is in Cardigan Terrace and is just $15 a day for MMF Producers ($25 a day for everyone else)

How to get to Arrow on Swanston by public transport – CLICK HERE

Video Walkthrough


Lower Ground Floor

Magic Central

  • Featuring Magic Shop, Box Office, Sessioning Tables, Posters and Displays. (Possibly snacks at lunchtime too)

Champions 1 – (The Houdini Showroom) – 200 seats theatre style

  • Raised Stage with curtains and wings. Stage Size: 5.25m x 7.7m
  • HIRE FEE INCLUDES: Audio, lighting, video support, tech operator (Tom Orchard)

Champions 2 – (The Mysterium) – 100 seats

  • Flat performance space set to your requirements. Room Size: 14m x 10.7m
  • HIRE FEE INCLUDES: Basic lighting & sound, tech operator.

Ground Floor

Winners Hall – (The Cardini Cabaret) – 80 seats

  • Raised Stage with negotiable wings. Stage Size: 1.8m x 1.2m x .54m high
  • HIRE FEE INCLUDES: Basic audio, basic lighting, tech operator.


Stage size will be 1800 deep x 3600 wide x 330 high (made of 3 pieces 1800 x 1200)

Heroes Room – (The Close Up Gallery) – 40 seats

  • Close up table (or set the space for Parlour if you prefer). Room Size: 11m x 7.3m
  • HIRE FEE INCLUDES: 15 High stools for guests in the back rows.




Restaurants nearby

In addition to the Arrow Hotel Cafe, there are numerous restaurants within 1 minute’s walk from the MMF Hub. Walking for less than 5 minutes gets you to the Queen Victoria Market or any number of CBD restaurants and cafes.

No.1 Delicious Hot Pot BBQ (551 Swanston St) 


Jang Gun Korean Restaurant (520 Swanston St)


Boogie House Hot Pot (466 Swanston St)


Wokks Hawker’s Hub (607 Swanston St)



Crossroads Carlton (524 Swanston St)


Budapest Cafe (498 Swanston St)


DS Internet Cafe (512 Swanston St)


Queensberry Hotel (593 Swanston St)


Yoghurt Cup (516 Swanston St)



CT Mart


Panda Hot Pot (just around the corner at 100 Victoria St… it used to be Dracula’s)