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The most iconic illusion in the world


100 Years of Sawing

One hundred years ago, on January 17, 1921, P T Selbit debuted his newest creation which would change the world of illusion forever. ‘Sawing A Woman in Half’.


It was a sensation and has since become one of the best known magic tricks, performed with all manner of tools and varying degrees of blood – always involving someone cut in half and nearly always with them miraculously put back together.

On Sunday 17 January, the Magic Circle will mark the centenary of sawing someone in half with a free Facebook event HERE featuring such icons as Debbie McGee (sawn by late husband Paul Daniels in the clip above) and David Copperfield (who has his own unique take on the classic illusion).



There are almost as many different versions of ‘Sawing A Woman in Half’ as there are magicians. In fact, it was so popular just one year after it’s debut in London, a West Australian newspaper wrote “Nicola presented his version of the ancient illusion ‘Sawing a Girl in Halves’ during his last nights here. Doctor Kenna is also here on the same stunt.”

Here are just some of our favourite incarnations of the illusion through the years.


















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