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Director's Cut is coming!


The MMF Online Gala Show

We hope you enjoyed the MMF Online Gala Show as much as we did.

Unfortunately, Zoom capped our audience at 100 when we had paid for a higher limit, so a number of people were locked out and disappointed. They did get to enjoy the show immediately after as we posted an encore presentation.

For those who missed out completely because they didn’t book… we will be releasing a DIRECTOR’S CUT of the show some time next week. It will be available for a $10 donation to help offset our Covid loss, and we will post the link on the front page of our website and on our Facebook page as well.

Until then, tune in to the FREE broadcast of the Australian Magic Championships on Facebook Live this Saturday at 2pm.


“This is a totally new format and yet a few times you guys achieved for me something unexpected, you made the technology disappear.”

“Great show. Just so great!”

“Fantastic show guys and gals Congratulations to everyone Stay safe.”

“Was a great show tonight absolutely the best thing I have seen on my PC ever.”

“Fantastic! Loved it!”

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