19 signs that you are talking to a magician

This year, with the addition of the amazing Magic Central foyer area to The Melbourne Magic Festival, chances are you may well be mingling with magicians and not even realise it. Here are twenty simple tips to easily identify them:

  1. You mention you have two bikes in your house and he says he has boxes of them.
  2. All the forks in his cutlery drawer are bent.
  3. He refers to everyday objects as “ordinary” and “unprepared”.
  4. He has a problem counting four cards correctly.
  5. He thinks Metamorphosis has nothing to do with butterflies.
  6. He spent $65 on a twenty cent piece.
  7. He doesn’t know The Raven is actually a bird.
  8. His drinking water has the cap inside the bottle.
  9. He introduces his girlfriend as his “assistant”.
  10. His wallet smells of lighter fluid.
  11. You give him some money to buy a snack and he takes a bite out of the coin instead.
  12. He talks about bottom dealing without giggling.
  13. He is unaware that Scotch and Soda is actually a drink.
  14. Instead of counting “9, 10, 11, 12, 13” he says “9, 10, Jack, Queen, King.”
  15. Has no idea of the connection between David Copperfield and Charles Dickens.
  16. Is a member of IBM but knows nothing about computers.
  17. He truly believes that if you sign a card it will become more ambitious than the others in the deck.
  18. He knows a Zombie Ball has nothing to do with The Walking Dead.
  19. The words “Guillotine”, “Impalement”, “Disembodied Princess” and “Table of Death” are used in casual conversation.

Got any other tips? Post them here on our Facebook page and we’ll add the best ones to our list!

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