Peter Nguyen – Leader – A Chelsea Heights magician promises to end his trilogy in style when he performs for the third and final time at this month’s Melbourne Magic Festival.


Nicholas J Johnson – Live List – Forget your house of cards and I’ll do mine.



Anthony DeMasi – Stonnington Leader – It started when he was a child, when he would perform tricks for his father after work to try to keep him awake later at night.



Nicholas J Johnson – Preston Leader – There’s a swindler inside each and every one of us. So says self-proclaimed con artist and magician Nicholas J. Johnson, whose new show aims to help audiences find their inner scammer.



Micky Trickstar – Star Weekly – Who knows what weird and wonderful things Micky Trickstar has up his sleeve?



Josh Staley – Bayside Leader – There’s no mystery as to why Beaumaris magician Josh Staley is such a success. The 20-year-old has spent several years perfecting his passion, crafting a career out of tricks, illusions, sleight-of hand and visual theatre.


Lee Eun Gyeol – Korea Journal



Lee Cohen – Holiday With Kids Magazine



Lee Cohen – Working With Children – It’s the golden rule of entertainment, never work with children or animals.But when you’re a magician with a fairy alter-ego, and your stage pals are feathered or furred. Anything goes.

E G Lee – Melbourne Journal (Page 1)



Melbourne Observer – Articles about Josh Staley, Pierre Ulric, Cath Jamison, and the Magic Festival throughout this issue



Cath Jamison – Pop Culture – There are a lot of different things going on, magic, mentalism, theatre and multi-media but also collective consciousness and a lot about intuition. I believe that everyone, especially women have some kind of intuition.



The Age – Best of What’s On In Melbourne and Beyond – The Tenth Annual Melbourne Magic Festival brings more than 300 performances to the stage including live action, lectures and Masterclasses. July 3-July 15, various times, Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote, various prices



The Stage Gala Review – The Sydney Morning Herald – The packed program features old favourites, newcomers and international guests, with family shows to entertain kids over the school break. Throw in magic lectures and competitions; a warm, communitarian atmosphere and very reasonably priced tickets, and it’s easy to see why the festival continues to thrive.
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Australian Junior Championships – The Guardian – For the first time in the 10-year history of the national competition, the first, second and third prizes went to young women.





  • Cath Jamison – Kiis FM
  • Cath Jamison – 3RRR
  • Tim Ellis – WYN FM (Book, Stage & Screen)
  • Tim Ellis – ABC (The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine)
  • Nicholas J Johnson – 3AW Darren James
  • Pierre Ulric – 3RRR
  • Nicholas Johnson – 774
  • Tim Ellis – 3MDR
  • Anthony DeMasi – 3AW
  • Cath Jamison – Joy FM
  • Cath Jamison – Kiis FM (return appearance)
  • E G Lee – SBS Radio




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