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Where Are You Tony?

The MC Showroom - July 3, 4 & 5 at 12.30pm

Tony the rabbit is late again! He has a reputation for being late to work. Felix the Magician has a big show and he needs Tony to help him entertain the kids, will Felix the Magician find him in time to start the show?

Back by popular demand ‘WHERE ARE YOU TONY’ is a magical funfilled comedy show for kids. There will be LOTS of MAGIC, LOTS of LAUGHS, but not much time! Come and give Felix a hand in the search for Tony the Rabbit before his show turns into a disaster!

Felix the Magician is one to watch, an up and coming talent, see him perform here before he becomes really, really ridiculously famous!

Recommended for Kids aged 0-9 years.

This show is 45 minutes.