The Top 9 Adult Shows

Looking for the perfect show for a night out with your friends at this years Melbourne Magic Festival?

Here are the top NINE shows, in no particular order:




What do you get if you put a Penn & Teller Fool Us two-time winner together with an America’s Got Talent finalist together with Australia’s #1 covid adviser? Reuben Moreland (USA) knows, because he has brought them all together for an all-star magic show so good, that even he may make an appearance himself!

This show is called HEADLINERS for a reason! Don’t miss it!



MagicSports has long been a staple of The Melbourne Magic Festival. People LOVE the insanely hysterical antics of top magicians attempting to create brand new magic on the spot. The Plus Ones said MagicSports is “the best show of any kind!” they had seen, and this year we’re taking it late night and Adults Only! But hurry.. just one show and it’s already 50% sold out!



Chi Han Yeo debuted at the Festival last year and has been blowing people away with his incredible card mastery ever since. We had the pleasure of watching Teller’s jaw drop as he saw what Chi Han could do with a deck of cards last week, and next week it’s YOUR turn. This is MUCH more than a demonstration of card tricks. It’s an interactive and immersive theatrical experience.. but your jaw is still guaranteed to be on the floor!



Coming to us from NSW is the utterly unique LIFE OF DAVO – Magic, bogan, theatre. Dale Trueman plays Davo, the loveable misfit magician searching for love and redemption. Much more than just a magic show, join Davo on this journey and you’ll have a guaranteed 100% fun time!




Happening next week, Wednesday June 29 to be precise, at the magical city club ‘STORYVILLE’ is our Open Mic Magic Night. It was SUCH a success last year and Melbourne’s up and coming magicians presented their latest creations that we HAD to bring it back again! Hosted by Anthony DeMasi, sit back with a cocktail and enjoy a cavalcade of conjurers.




You’ve seen him out on city streets, now it’s time to see him inside a real theatre! LJ the magician is ready to astound you with feats perfected the hard way, busking in the heart of Melbourne, and he has tales to tell of his experiences that you simply won’t believe… but it’s all true! Would a magician lie to you? Book now! Saturday night is already SOLD OUT!



Jo Clyne is back, for just THREE SHOWS at The Laneway Theatre. 8pm on July 1 & 2, and a family matinee at 4pm on July 3. You’ll be amazed at her collection of unusual objects, but even more amazed at the magic and stories that she weaves around them. The Laneway Theatre only seats 32 guests per show so hurry and book now before all three shows are SOLD OUT.



Tim Ellis invites you to a “choose your own adventure” style magic show that The Age described as “85 minutes of gasps and wide-eyed astonishment as Ellis performs close magic and sleight of hand.” All three of his Melbourne Magic Festival performances sold out a few weeks ago, but the show is on every Saturday night at 8pm – so you still have a chance to catch it!



Every night at 7pm at THE BUTTERFLY CLUB, you can catch Aiden McHarg’s incredible new show Tableau Noir. Tableau Noir is a new collaborative work exploring the themes and aesthetics of film noir in a world of black and white, shadows and chalk. The performance follows a noir detective as he explores his past, his loves, and his demise, using music, magic, and mime to tell the story. Don’t Miss It!!!


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