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Tim Ellis

Victoria, Australia

Melbourne Magician TIM ELLIS is Australia’s most highly awarded magician – known around the world for his original, innovative and entertaining approach to the art of magic.

Highly sought after for his engaging style, for over 40 years Tim has been featured in hundreds of Australian and international magazines, press articles, and television shows including ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’, ‘Today’, ‘Sunrise’,‘Good Morning Australia’, ‘Location Location Amazing Homes’ and ‘Fox News’ (USA).

He is also one of the most consulted experts in magical matters for film, television, theatre and even other magicians.

Tim has a wide range of shows and entertains children, families and adults at private homes, corporate events,luxury cruise ships and in his own Laneway Theatre.

From being buried alive, breaking Guinness World Records or even performing at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, Melbourne magician Tim Ellis is at home in any situation that calls for a little dexterous deception.

Tim is the founder of the Melbourne Magic Festival and President of The Australian Institute of Magic.


Tim is presenting four different shows at The Melbourne Magic Festival this year.