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The Stage Gala Show is SOLD OUT!

We warned you! Tickets for THE STAGE GALA have disappeared. This ever-popular show has sold out in record time.

If you missed out, don’t panic, just hurry up and book your tickets to THE CLOSE UP GALA on July 10. Take a look at the incredible line up on THAT show:

Featuring (subject to change)

  • Tim Ellis
  • Dom Chambers
  • Raymond Truong
  • Carisa Hendrix
  • Anthony DeMasi
  • Josh Staley
  • Lawrence Leung
  • Nicholas J Johnson
  • Nick Kesidis
  • Cath Jamison
  • Rob Bremner
  • Pierre Ulric
  • Peter Nguyen
  • Jo Clyne
  • John Fung
  • Simon Coronel



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