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The Conjurer at the Card Table

Ultra Lounge- July 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 at 7.15pm

After a highly acclaimed season at the 2018 Melbourne Magic Festival, Josh Staley returns with his new show, The Conjurer at the Card Table.

A unique and modern performance dedicated to the most difficult form of illusion – close up magic. Making miracles in front of your eyes, you will experience moments of astonishment created through a combination of bewildering magic, compelling storytelling, difficult sleight of hand and spectacular showmanship, all within your arms reach.

The conjurer at the card table is performed for 20 guests each night in purpose built theatre. An exclusive performance full of mystery and suspense, each and every guest will have a hands on, interactive and memorable experience they will never forget.

Intriguing. Compelling. Unforgettable

Recommended for Families and Adults 9+.

This show is 60 minutes.

(See this show as a Double Feature with ‘The Comedian at the Card Table’ at 9.00pm and save!)