Ruben & Mike Fields

Ruben Fields

Ruben grew up in a household of performers, surrounded by magic, face painting and balloons. “I got started in juggling when I was around five years old, but things started to really get going when I was eight and got my busking permit to juggle in Melbourne. Any spare time around my parents working schedules, I was a regular fixture along South Bank for years.” says Ruben.

Ruben has juggled abroad, run classes at juggling conventions and appeared on TV. He successfully passed Australia’s Got Talent auditions, however lockdowns cancelled two years and the third was taken out due to injury. “Each time involved months of practise, it was disheartening to have to let it go. I’m just so happy to be able to mix elements of that into the magician versus Juggler show.”


Mike Fields

At over 6 feet tall, Mike is usually the “Biggest kid” in the room. He first entered children’s entertainment. 30 years ago. He first entertained children more than 30 years ago when he worked at a summer camp in America. However, everyone agrees he was rather goofy long before that!

The Amazing Mr Mike is best known across country, Victoria, and Interstate as a hilarious kid’s magician. Mike says, “When the kids are having the best day ever, I’m having the best day ever!”




The Magician vs Juggler Show – 2.30pm Tuesday July 4