Nick Kay

Nick Kay

Nick’s professional career in magic started after winning first place at the Australian Society of Magicians Championship. It was his impeccable skill in the art of illusions, mentalism, pickpocket, and sleight of hand that earn him this honour, along with a charming personality & sharp wit.

Nick Kesidis, affectionately known as “Nick Kay”, is an award winning magician who performed SOLD OUT shows at Melbourne Magic Festival & International Comedy Festival.


Nick is a unique blend of street performer and entertainer using only what he can carry on him. Armed with a pack of cards, a handful of coins, and his quick wit he has the ability to entertain anyone anywhere.


Whether performing at stage shows, trade shows, corporate functions, weddings, parties or even table side entertainment at your establishment, Nick can entertain and create unforgettable moments that you & your guests will talk about for years to come.


There aren’t many magic shows that leave me so astounded that I am left speechless after the show, but Nick’s show was one of those. Nick’s show was fast-paced and full of plenty of laughs and amazing magic. Nick has a fabulous rapport with the audience, which just adds to the enjoyment of the show. It was such a pleasure to see such talent and incredible magic- so many magical moments had my mind spinning (especially when cards magicially changed places and objects were lost and re-discovered under bizarre circumstances). There was truly never a dull moment during the show, and afterwards I left very impressed (and speechless!).” – Tay About Town



The Best of The Magic Fest – 9.30pm July 6

One Chance Only – 7.30pm Wednesday June 28