Nicholas J Johnson

Tricky Nick is the funniest magician…ever

For the past two decades he’s been amazing and amusing on stage and on TV with his weird and wonderful combination of magic and comedy.

He’s packed theatres at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, and Adelaide Fringe. He’s appeared on Kids WB, The Project, Today, Sunrise and dozens of other shows.

His book, Tricky Nick, is the 100% true story of how he became the greatest magician in the world.



“Tricky Nick is a simply awesome children’s entertainer. This is top quality entertainment that packs a huge laugh!” – City News

“Once again you provided a fantastic show for us. To keep over a hundred boys on the edge of their seats for an hour is an amazing achievement.” -Scotch College, Melbourne

“There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight-of-hand gets out of hand)” – Canberra Times

“Undeniable wit and humour ★★★★★” – Plus Ones

“Hilarious! ★★★★★” – The Herald Sun



The Tricky Nick Magic Show – 12.45pm July 4-8


The Best of The Magic Fest – 9.30pm July 4, 5, 8

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