Mr Jeff

The Circus Showman

Jeff is a master of visual entertainment, with a focus on circus, magic, and variety shows that take viewers on a journey into a world of whimsy and wonder. His unique ability to create stunning visual effects sets him apart from others in his field. Rather than relying on card tricks or lengthy speeches, Jeff’s performances feature awe-inspiring illusions such as an oversized balloon that can swallow a human whole, a golden cane that defies gravity, and the ability to extract light from light bulbs and hold it in his hands. Sound effects accompany each movement, creating a lively and engaging experience. Jeff’s style is cartoon-like yet sophisticated, with a goal of eliciting joy and awe from his audience.

Those who have seen Jeff’s shows leave with a sense of wonder, a feeling of lightness, and a joy that comes from experiencing something truly engaging and novel. Despite learning that there is no such thing as natural magic in the world, Jeff was inspired to pursue magic as a child and has dedicated his career to creating unforgettable experiences for audiences.

With a vast range of skills and artistic disciplines, Jeff has traveled the world, performing in circuses, theaters, festivals, and private events. He has toured the Fringe circuit in Australia, embarked on self-made tours in New Zealand, received rapturous applause on cruise ships, directed a five-person circus and theater production in the UK, and performed in front of massive crowds at Glastonbury Festival UK. Jeff’s performances are suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, promising to transport viewers into a world of whimsy and illusion. The Quizzical Mr. Jeff offers an opportunity to experience a fantastical and vivid adventure that is not to be missed.



The Quizzical Mr Jeff – 11.00am July 4-8

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Speaker Details