Jay Cristo

Jay Cristo is an award-winning magician who has been performing magic for over seven years.

 He provides moments of astonishment, memories and laughter to his guests and is known for his professionalism and ability to engage others through compelling storytelling.

“My passion for magic began when I was only nine years old when a family holiday at Phillip Island ended with a trip to the doctor’s office with a case of food poisoning. While waiting to see the doctor, I met an older gentleman who greeted me with a smile and presented a small rubber ball; he placed it into his hand. Then, with a smooth and hypnotising wave of his free hand, he snapped his fingers and revealed that the ball had vanished. I had never experienced the feeling of wonder like I did that day. Watching a ball dematerialise into nothing out of thin air. It was this moment that had opened my eyes to the world of magic. The man suddenly reproduced the ball out of thin air and made it vanish and reappear once again in various places. At this moment, something had sparked within that would later reappear (please excuse the pun) and become such a significant part of my life.

Through magic, I hope to inspire others to give them a moment of wonder, experience joy and forget about their worries, even if it’s just for a second. I specialise in roving and close-up magic because it is an intimate and interactive experience. My interactions will leave your guests astonished, laughing and cheering together, whilst creating everlasting memories you and your guests will never forget.”



Saint – 6.20pm July 4-6


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Speaker Details