Dazzling Dan Bingham

Dazzling Dan Bingham

Dazzling Dan began performing magic at the age of seven, registered a magic business while still in high school, and has been performing both private and public shows for over 30 years. Over the years he has created magic to be performed in unusual locations, on steam trains, in prison (just visiting), charter boats, ferries, theatres, botanic gardens, over the radio and over video conferences.



‘If you work full-time performing private magic shows you must be good.’ – Theatre Owner, Melbourne



  • Adelaide Magic Convention 1995: Close Up Magic – Second place
  • Merlin Award – in the mail



  • Made a Steam Train Magically Appear
  • Made the Iconic Geelong Christmas Tree Disappear
  • First resident magician at Philip Island’s Tourist Attraction Magic Manor
  • Designed a prototype toy magic trick which was flown to Japan to be considered by the international Tenyo Toy Company.
  • Appeared in the controversial “Geelong Tourism” video
  • Voted by fellow professional magicians as Vice-President of the “Australian Institute of Magic”



The Best of The Magic Fest – 9.30pm July 4

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