Al Cappuccino

Played by Enzo Ficco

This Melbourne based stage magician was inspired by his father and named after his late uncle Vincenzo Ficco, born Campobasso Italy 1920 -1965. A famous Italian magician who reached the height of his career in the early 1950’s, known as BLUMEN. (The German translation of the stage name BLUMEN is (flower) The stage name created was in honour of his late grandmother Rose! hence flower – BLUMEN.
His legacy and spirit continues. ENZO’S CREATION is ‘AL CAPPUCCINO’ : Melbourne’s Magical Gangster’, A charming rogue who manipulates, cards, coins, cigars, cigarettes, and billiard balls. Often accompanied by his partners in crime, dames – artist magician (Trixy – Lee Cohen) and actress/model/burlesque performer – Nicole Melrose.
Al has been the highlight of the night for dozens of Australia’s top corporations, visiting some of the wealthiest homes in Melbourne (often when their owners are out).
THE STAGE ACT – Al Cappuccino has a world class 13 minute award winning stage act featuring classic sleight of hand with cards, coins, cigarettes, and billiard balls. After bursting onto stage in a blast of machine gun fire he’ll dazzle your audience with an act that’s taken half a life time to perfect.
Where does he perform? Corporate dinners, Trade launches, Roaring 20′s nights, Private clubs, Theatre restaurants, functions and celebrations of any kind. The new Journey back in time show was performed last at the 2012 Melbourne’s Magic Festival. A special show with guest artist – actress/model – Nicole Melrose, as the Speakeasy’s Club sultry dame singer – ‘”SANDY” AL CAPPUCCINO provides magical entertainment with a classic 1920s styled theme.
THE MAGIC he enjoy’s performing mostly is classic sleight of hand. By maintaining the same traditional style of his late uncle, Enzo has developed a modern, yet classical world class award winning stage act that has taken half a life time to create. Often, he is also accompanied by a cast of wonderful performing artists and dearest friends: including Nicole Melrose, Lee Cohen, Peter Gray, Anthony De Masi. Sue-Anne Webster.
My teachers – Lyndsay Rietschel and Tim Ellis of Magic Unlimited have been the driving force who have continuously supported the development of the character known as Melbourne’s very own magic gangster AL CAPPUCCINO.
OTHER INTERESTS INCLUDE : ART, MUSIC, photography, dance and theatre, along with old classic movies and musicals. Classic cars and Classic Hollywood movie stars have all shaped, influenced and inspired him in exploring the wonderful art form of magic.
ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING classic style stage manipulation. With over 40 years of experience Enzo appears regularly as a guest artist at Anthony Demasi’s – MAGIC SCHOOL OF CONFIDENCE : Teaching classical style stage manipulation with modern techniques and presentations to uniquely intrigue, delight and entertain audiences from all over the world. Visit this site for details


The Best of The Magic Fest – 9.30pm July 4

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