Jordy Doust
Jordy Doust, a multi-award-winning magician, is an entertainer like no other, captivating audiences around the globe. He reveals his latest masterpiece at the Melbourne Magic Festival. Combining comedy and audience participation, each show is unique, leaving you feeling empowered to perform magic yourself after leaving the theatre!
Julian Yu
Meet Julian Yu, the magician who's been mesmerizing audiences for 14 years. From day one, Julian has been all about originality, fearlessly creating his own magic that leave crowds in awe. He's not afraid to take risks and try something new, even if it means he might fail. But he refuses to compromise on his vision, knowing that true magic lies in pushing boundaries.
Mr Marmalade
As if straight from an old, sepia photograph, Mr Marmalade’s enchanting presence will cast you into a surreal world of vaudeville charm and mystical enchantment. This talented magician is simply like no other, effortlessly capturing your imagination and awakening your inner child.
Sam King
Sam King, acclaimed for his innovative magic and captivating performances, is a celebrated magician who has left an indelible mark on the international stage. His prowess in close-up magic and engaging stage performances has earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of 'Best Magic' at the Adelaide Fringe. With a career spanning over 17 countries, Sam's unique blend of magic, humour, and storytelling has enchanted audiences worldwide, making him a sought-after performer for festivals, corporate events, and private gatherings.
Vyom Sharma
Vyom Sharma is back this year as part of HEADLINERS. Having first toured at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Adelaide Fringe festival, he then went on to become Grand Finalist on Australia’s got Talent (2016).
Lawrence Leung
Lawrence Leung is a multi award-winning Australian comedian, screenwriter and speaker. He specialises in projects that sit neatly where curiosity and comedy intersect.
Jay Cristo
Jay Cristo is an award-winning magician who has been performing magic for over seven years. He provides moments of astonishment, memories and laughter to his guests and is known for his professionalism and ability to engage others through compelling storytelling.
Luke Blaze
Luke Blaze is Australia’s newest up and coming entertainer.
Jo Clyne
Jo began studying magic in 2007 and has carved out a distinct story-based performance style, often using real historical artefacts in her acts
Tim Ellis
Melbourne Magician TIM ELLIS is Australia’s most highly awarded magician – known around the world for his original, innovative and entertaining approach to the art of magic.
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