Tim Credible
Tim Credible is a renowned magician and family entertainer with over 17 years of experience in the industry. With his unique blend of comedy, magic, and ventriloquism, Tim has captivated audiences of all ages, bringing joy, wonder, and laughter to thousands of families.
Dom Chambers
America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist, Dom Chambers, is an internationally award-winning magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos, and making beers appear from thin air.
Nicholas J Johnson
Packed with comedy and magic, Nick's shows will have audiences and children giggling and gasping at the same time.​
Nick Kay
Nick’s professional career in magic started after winning first place at the Australian Society of Magicians Championship. It was his impeccable skill in the art of illusions, mentalism, pickpocket, and sleight of hand that earn him this honer, along with a charming personality & sharp wit.
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez is a FISM winning sleight-of-hand master who makes everything he touches look like real magic. He is one of the most devilish wizards is a pioneer of the “New Wave of Spanish Magic” where Body, Heart and Eyes walk besides Brain, Hands and Smile.
Tim Mason
Tim's passion for magic began at the young age of four after witnessing a magic show at a shopping center. From that moment on, he was hooked. Tim honed his skills and made his debut performance at just five years old!
Michael Pope
In the 30 + years Michael Pope has been in the entertainment industry – he’s done just about everything. From radio to theatre – from comedy to television. And in the corporate space he is an MC and facilitator, often using mentalism to add some spark to the show.
Ryan Goh
Ryan is an international magician from Singapore known for his theatrical performance style. His pursuit for originality ensures that the audiences are engaged in a unique experience.
Ruben & Mike Fields
Magician and Juggler
Ruben & Mike Fields
Big Bobby
Cath Jamison
Cath Jamison is an impressive entertainer, acclaimed within the entertainment industry as well as the country's sole female mentalist.
Sam & Justin
Sam and Justin, have created and toured internationally 3 MEGA shows; family-friendly spectaculars: ‘The Greatest Magic Show’ and ‘CIRCUS’; alongside their hilariously raucous, 18+ only evening show ‘Adults Only Magic Show’!
Anthony DeMasi
Anthony De Masi has over 27 years of professional performance under his hat. He has enchanted individuals and audiences worldwide. Everyone from the likes of Al Gore, David Beckham and Tim Burton to global giants such as Coca Cola, Porsche and Tiffany and Co.
Ben James
Magic has been in Ben's family for generations, his grandfather and great Uncle were both magicians. Following in their footsteps, Ben is now carrying on the unique and amazing family tradition.
LJ is an award winning comedy magician who performs mind-blowing, magic on stage and close up utilizing everyday objects to accomplish his illusions
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