Mr Marmalade
As if straight from an old, sepia photograph, Mr Marmalade’s enchanting presence will cast you into a surreal world of vaudeville charm and mystical enchantment. This talented magician is simply like no other, effortlessly capturing your imagination and awakening your inner child.
Sam King
Sam King, acclaimed for his innovative magic and captivating performances, is a celebrated magician who has left an indelible mark on the international stage. His prowess in close-up magic and engaging stage performances has earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of 'Best Magic' at the Adelaide Fringe. With a career spanning over 17 countries, Sam's unique blend of magic, humour, and storytelling has enchanted audiences worldwide, making him a sought-after performer for festivals, corporate events, and private gatherings.
Heidi Hillier
Heidi Hoops Hillier, one of Sydney’s premier entertainers, has been a regular on the circus, new vaudeville and variety circuit in Australia and overseas for the past 15 years. Her shows combine escapes, hoops, whips and rope skills with visually powerful, subversive, and cheeky performances.
Gabriel Gascon
Gabriel Gascon is a Chilean illusionist, internationally recognized as one of the most creative and innovative artists of current Latin American magic. The first magician in Latin America to Fool Penn & Teller, current award for Magician of the Year in Chile and the only Chilean artist to compete in the last FISM Quebec 2022 world magic championship.
Jeff Lefton
Jeff Lefton has performed at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, in Las Vegas, and on a 3-month national tour for General Motors. He is based in St. Louis, Missouri in the U.S., has always wanted to visit Australia, and is excited to be making his debut here!
Tim Credible
Tim Credible is a renowned magician and family entertainer with over 17 years of experience in the industry. With his unique blend of comedy, magic, and ventriloquism, Tim has captivated audiences of all ages, bringing joy, wonder, and laughter to thousands of families.
Dom Chambers
America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist, Dom Chambers, is an internationally award-winning magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos, and making beers appear from thin air.
Nicholas J Johnson
Packed with comedy and magic, Nick's shows will have audiences and children giggling and gasping at the same time.​
Tim Mason
Tim's passion for magic began at the young age of four after witnessing a magic show at a shopping center. From that moment on, he was hooked. Tim honed his skills and made his debut performance at just five years old!
Big Bobby
Big Bobby and his invisible assistant Rhodneey (silent H and 2 E’s) entertain and teach kids how to use their brains better. The magical mental health duo performs all over Australia with feats of cerebral wonder. You will laugh you will gasp and you will go Boomchuggalugga!
LJ is an award winning comedy magician who performs mind-blowing, magic on stage and close up utilizing everyday objects to accomplish his illusions
Tim Ellis
Melbourne Magician TIM ELLIS is Australia’s most highly awarded magician – known around the world for his original, innovative and entertaining approach to the art of magic.
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