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Simone Turkington

California, USA

When her father selected a deck of cards as his prize at a carnival shooting gallery, Simone was stunned by his boring choice. “It’s a MAGIC deck of cards!” he told her. “I got it for you.” Noting her enthusiasm for magic on television, he hoped to encourage her interest with this prize. And encourage it did. Using the deck and its instructions, Simone performed her first magic show at school assembly, aged 9, cementing her love of magic and performing from an early age.

After taking a break from magic in her teens, and once she’d moved to Los Angeles, Simone picked it up again as an adult by taking classes at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Was this a hobby? A new career? As she was learning so many magic secrets she realised she had to go full force with it, otherwise, she’d ruined magic for no reason!

Teaming up with her friend, Elizabeth Messick, the two created a unique retro, tiki-themed magic act called Mystiki. The act was well received and performed around Los Angeles frequently. Mystiki also scored a residency at one of LA’s premier venues.

Concurrently, Simone worked on her own show and has performed consistently as a solo act which fuses her love of 1960s style and tunes. Simone has performed around the US, internationally and, most importantly to any magician, The Magic Castle..


Simone is performing for two nights only in The Melbourne Magic Festival this year.