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(Wannabe) Overnight Sensation

(Wannabe) Overnight Sensation

(Wannabe) Overnight Sensation

As the rise of social media commenced – our stage became a tiny little screen, clapping & cheering became like and comments and trends were nothing but dances & videos of animals doing weirdly human-like activities, stepping back into the real world became nothing but a handful of questions…

How will people recognise me? Will I be noticed by all these internet strangers when I’m at the shops buying a new toothbrush? Is poking someone in real life socially acceptable?

Join me, Braydon J. Taylor as I transition from a wannabe overnight sensation, to once again performing in front of a live audience!

Come along for a family-friendly night of magic, comedy & chaos as this tall & handsome magic man performs his biggest & craziest show yet!



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