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Tricky Nick Gets Crafty

Tricky Nick Gets Crafty

Join magician and author Tricky Nick as he makes magic…literally. This DIY magic show makes the ordinary, extraordinary as Tricky Nick amazes and amuses armed with hot glue, sticky tape, and tons of imagination.

This a magic show for anyone whose every glue their fingers together, covered the house in glitter or ignored their new toy so they can play with the box it came in.

Nicholas “Tricky Nick” Johnson has been amazing and amusing kids since he was a kid himself. With over 10,000 shows under his belt (and a few more up his sleeve) Tricky Nick is a multi-award winning entertainer for the whole family. He also has a nice beard.

Tricky Nick’s new book, also called ‘Tricky Nick’ is in bookshops now.


Show Length: 50 mins

Recommended for ages 0-12 years


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