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The Laneway Theatre Experience

The Laneway Theatre Experience

The Laneway Theatre is Melbourne’s home of magic, and this is a unique event where just entering the venue is half the fun!

As soon as you book, you’ll be sent the address of this incredible secret venue, and a list of ‘magical requirements’ to bring with you.

From the comfort of your luxurious cinema seat, Tim tells you a word you’re simply thinking of in your own book. Your $20 bill reappears on the other side of the room without Tim touching it. You will perform magic in your very own hands!

Limited to just 32 guests


“For the next hour we heard lots of noise – laughter, gasps, denial and shouts of delight.” “If you wish to regain the wonder you had as a child, visit the Laneway Theatre during the festival and prepare to be Astonished!”

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Hidden behind an old and apparently haunted shoe factory on a major road in Northcote, The Laneway Theatre is an entirely accessible yet secret little purpose-built venue specifically designed to present magic acts. Entirely comfortable, the 32 seats allegedly liberated from a nearby cinema, also offers every audience member a great view of the proceedings. From your first step inside that puts you into a glow-in-the dark graveyard, to all the objects of magic sitting museum-like on shelves and the walls, the Laneway Theatre is a place of excitement and surprise that will draw you back. Still pictures are encouraged. You’ll need them to believe what you’ve witnessed.”

Michael H, Trip Advisor


Show Length: 120 minutes including interval

Recommended for ages 10+



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