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The Australian Junior Championships of Magic

The Australian Junior Championships of Magic


Each year The Melbourne Magic Festival hosts The Australian Junior Championships of Magic.

Past champions have gone on to present their own solo shows both here and at other festivals, while others have made TV appearances and even travelled overseas to represent Australia in Magic contests in Las Vegas, Shanghai and even in The Illusionists on Broadway!

Our Championships are open to anyone aged under 18 years old.





The Australian Junior Championships of Magic (AJCM) is an event that is managed and run by the Australian Institute of Magic (AIM) where individuals have the opportunity to perform a routine within set guidelines in front of a supportive audience. This is open to anyone aged 18 or below on the day of the event.


Although the event is is an official competition with rules, judges and fabulous prizes, it is equally focused on giving young magicians an opportunity to perform an act in front of a very receptive crowd, and better yet, receive feedback to allow you to further develop your craft, from some of the best minds in magic and theatre, our judges.


So, whether you are excited for the chance to compete to be crowed ‘Australian Junior Champion of Magic 2022’ or to show your best tricks to a live audience and receive guidance and advice from our incredible judges (whom in past have included magicians who have performed on Broadway, been seen on TV, and won awards at the World championships of magic, FISM, among other amazing highlights), there is something for everyone at the AJCM for 2022.


If this sounds like you… apply NOW, you can find the application at the link below –


If you are unsure whether you are ‘good enough’, have ‘enough performing experience’ or any other concerns, please still fill in an application, and contact the event Organiser Josh Staley at or to talk directly call 0413681464, and you can talk through any questions or concerns you may so that you can enter feeling prepared and comfortable.


The biggest focus of the day is ensuring each and every performer has a great experience, regardless of skill level. In previous years we have had a wide variety of entrants from those who have just started in magic to those that have entered other competitions.


It is not expected that entrants be “seasoned pros”, but rather those who want to give “it a go”, meet the routine guidelines, and are looking for the opportunity to showcase their routine on stage in front of a live audience.




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