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Schrodinger’s Wizard

Schrodinger’s Wizard

Escape the weight of the city grindstone and enter a fairy tale world of magical mysticism, marvel at the musical mirth, and allow yourself to be transported into the world of Schrodinger’s Wizard.

Time becomes irrelevant as you are wooed, wowed, and left in awestruck wonder as Mr. Marmalade masterfully captivates your childhood imagination through his hilariously anecdotal tales and beautifully polished stagecraft. From the moment you pass through the black curtain veil, you are led through the annals of Mr. Marmalade’s life; from birth to death and then on to the present. A transcendental soundscape, performed live by the incomparable Twinkle Toes and Mr. Zirkler, completes the evening’s sensory experience.

This show will truly be an olfactory delight for the eyes, touching you in a way that you will never taste again; a scintillating sliver of a synesthetic state.

A must-see evening of heartfelt hilarity, intelligent folly, and all-round tomfoolery.

Recipient of the Artistic Excellence Award at the 2018 Magic Festival & winner of the Ballarat Beard and Moustache Competition – Moustache Division (2018,2020), Mr. Marmalade is…

Schrodinger’s Wizard.


“When I saw the show, all I could see were the looks of disbelief on an awestruck audience.” – Twinkle Toes


“Look, I just push the buttons…don’t try put this on me.” – Mr. Zirkler


“A night unlike any other where you truly can unexpect the expected. Nothing is out of reach.” – Nuggets (aka. Twinkle Toes)


“The very talented Mr Marmalade…is a highly skilled (and charming) magician who is also a truly beautiful storyteller…His utter perfection in sleight of hand occurs just inches away from his transfixed audience, each trick as mesmerising as the last…” – Owen James, Theatre Pres

Show Length: 60 mins

Recommended for ages 12-18+ years


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