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Picture a see-saw. Now picture one’s capacity to banter on one side and one’s charming charisma on the other. This wholesome equilibrium is Luke Blaze. The young, talented and unassuming illusionist takes over Swanston Street’s intimate Houdini Theatre this winter with its first ever illusion show, ‘Odyssey’, where your imagination becomes reality.

Prepare yourself to be glued to the edge of your seat, as each illusion will mesmerise the depths of your perception of what the human mind can comprehend.

The smoke mischievously circles centre stage, the lights dart from one end of the theatre to another and the dancers heighten your anticipation, preparing for the stimulation of all your senses.

Solo adventures are fun, but Luke will be breaking the fourth wall to fully immerse you in this odyssey.

Be sure to book you and your family a ticket as this interactive experience will be a sell out.


50 mins – RECOMMENDED AGES 12+

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