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Losing all my money in Mexico (and other amazing things I can do with cards)

Losing all my money in Mexico (and other amazing things I can do with cards)

Cards riffle off thumbs in a back alley game of Chinese poker. An aloof fellow in an odd hat sits amid a bellow of smoke wondering what’s going on.

Chi Han Yeo is a magician who could be described in a single word ‘optimistic’. Having had a delightful time at the 2019 Melbourne Magic Festival with his hit show ‘Almost Unbelievable’, he decided to pack up the cards, travel the world, and learn some real magic.

How successful he was remains to be seen, but he seems awfully chipper about it…. at least as chipper as you can be for a fellow who claims to have been visited by the ghost of a legendary gambler, learned to read minds from the back of a menu, and gone head to head with a circus of Melbourne’s deadliest con artists in a game for his life.

He, of course, insists these are all made up stories. But, for a fellow who shuffles cards as much as he does, he does seem like the kind of person that’s bound to attract attention.


Chi Han Yeo is a multi-award winning magician whose recent accolades include, Australian Amateur Magician of the year 2018 at the Australian Society of Magicians annual competition, third place at the Australian Magic Championships 2020, and dearest to his heart ‘not bad at all’ from some of his best friends.


Show Length: 50 minutes

Recommended for ages 12+

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