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An Alternate Reality @ Glen Waverley

An Alternate Reality @ Glen Waverley

Stu Robinson Illusionist will be performing his unique illusion show “An Alternate Reality” where you will be invited to take a journey through the divide between the miraculous and the magical.

Stu Robinson has a unique approach to magic by combining a story of faith in God which changed his life forever with his unique and one of a kind illusions.

He will be performing two of his unique creations: “Absolute Zero” – the visible shrinking, impalement, and restoration of his assistant, and “Memories” – the prediction of a piece of jewelry described by the audience. Also, in celebration of 2021 being 100 years since the first sawing in half illusion was ever performed, Stu Robinson will be performing the classic sawing illusion, seeing if it holds up to today’s modern audiences.

In addition to the incredible magic you will see, you may wonder how an illusionist, who many people say should be skeptical by nature, could possibly believe in God, or even the miracles of Jesus. But this is not only a show in which you will see incredible magic, but also hear the personal testimony of an illusionist whose life was changed by a simple message of faith in God.


Show features strobe lighting and theatrical smoke

Show length: 75 minutes
Recommended for ages 10+ years


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