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Rob Ellinger

South Australia, Australia

Rob is an Adelaide based magician who has been honing his skills over the last eight or so years. He is a sleight of hand and close up specialist. Though his first love is card magic, and he can always be found carrying a deck, he loves all the ephemera of the craft. He has a working knowledge of such esoteric skills as mind reading, hypnosis and pick-pocketing. He’s basically a big nerd, which you probably guessed already.

Rob has also started branching out into creating magic for other magicians. He has recently published his first effect and may one day finish writing a book on the subject on psychic readings. 

This will be Rob’s first show at the Melbourne Magic Festival, having performed and produced two solo shows at the Adelaide fringe – Card Play in 2018 and Magic McMagicface in 2019. 


Rob is bringing his show to The Melbourne Magic Festival this year for one night only!