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Prue Spencer

Victoria, Australia

Prue Spencer is a 15 year old, internationally award-winning, Melbourne based magician, known for her comedic patter and quick wit. From the moment her father showed her the ‘disappearing thumb trick’ at age 5, Prue knew that magic was something she was born to do.

In 2017, Prue won four titles at home and internationally. She is the ‘2017 Australian Junior Champion of close-up and stage magic’ and the ‘New Zealand Magic convention’s overall Parlour magic champion’. In 2018, Prue was a State finalist in the International Comedy Festival’s ‘Class Clowns’ competition. In the same year, she was the recipient of the ‘Young Gun’ award from the show, Top Hat Tuesday’s.

She has performed in many different shows including ‘The worlds longest magic show (85 hours)’. From The Laneway theatre to the Arts Centre, her experience performing is wide and varied. Prue’s passion for performing has taken her around the world and back to the Melbourne magic festival this year.


Prue is performing in two different shows at The Melbourne Magic Festival this year.