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Mystery Magician

Victoria, Australia

Born in 1925 in Budapest, Hungary, Mystery began his career by winning the 1929 Junior Magician of the Year Award with his creative twist on the cups and balls using yet-to-be-invented M&Ms.

He later moved to Las Vegas and was one of the very first magicians to use striped Zebra Rabbits on the Strip. Within a decade he was pulling crowds and getting positive reviews.

Six years later he competed in the FISM World Championships where he came 32nd in the Mentalism category with his original twist on The Knight’s Tour using checkers instead of chess.

Today his focus is on sleight of hand using gimmicked cards. His lecture, “Two tricks with a Svengali Deck” remains one of the most not-to-be-seen lectures ever held at The Magic Castle, Hollywood.

Mystery is bringing his brand new theatre experience ‘The Placeholder Magic Show’ to The Melbourne Magic Festival until we lock in all of the real shows in his place.