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Media 2021

MMF in Forte Magazine

June – “If you’re in the mood for being dazzled by mesmerizing spells, or bewildered by brain bending illusions, it’s time that you got yourself some tickets to the upcoming Melbourne Magic Festival!
Running from June 28 to July 10, the Melbourne Magic Fest is the largest of its kind in the whole southern hemisphere, and promises loads of spectacular acts from both Australia and abroad.”

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The MMF Featured in Time Out

June 2021 – “Magicians from all over Australia and the world descend on Melbourne for a festival devoted to the craft of illusion this winter.”

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Tricky Nick in Aussie Theatre

May 2021 – Tricky Nick’s 100% recycled magic show is profiled in Aussie Theatre.

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Mr Jeff in Time Out

June 2021 – “There isn’t a child alive who’s immune to the mystery of an old fashioned live magic show.”

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Adults Only Magic Show in Broadway World

May 2021 – Sam & Justin are now getting set to completely flip the script on what you would expect from your typical magic show – replacing the bunnies and top hats with raw comedy and sex appeal! Oh and did we mention FREE DRINKS for all the volunteers? Yes you read that right – join the magicians on stage and the next drink is on them!

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Anthony DeMasi in The Herald Sun

June – Anthony DeMasi was pictured in The Herald Sun

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Nick Nickolas in Weekend Notes

June 2021 – “Renowned for his unique blend of amazing magic and madcap humour, Nick Nickolas was recently awarded Best Magic Show at the Adelaide Fringe 2021! It’s just the latest accolade in his impressive thirty-year international career!”

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Anthony DeMasi in Il Globo

June – “Storia di Anthony De Masi: mago talentuoso, maestro e scopritore di nuovi talenti.”

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Mr Jeff in What's On 4 Kids

June 2021 – “Join Mr Jeff as he brings you into his amazing world of circus and magic.”

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Adults Only Magic Show in Aussie Theatre

May 2021 – Prepare to be wowed out of your comfy red seats in this 70-minute jam-packed spectacular featuring hilarious, raucous comedy, mind-bending illusions, stunningly dangerous stunts seen on stages all across the globe and just a cheeky hint of nudity!

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