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The MC Showroom - July 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 at 8.15pm

Tinder, beekeeping, yoga, the local netball club or simply by chance – how did we end up knowing the people we know?

After using mentalism in his corporate work for decades, comedian Michael Pope is appearing in his first one-man show as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival.

It’s Who You Know … will make you re-examine exactly how you know who you know.

Through an hilarious series of stunts, Michael finds connections within his audience leaving one wondering if it’s all in the lap of a higher power. ‘IWYK’ is a daring, fast-moving show where Michael’s quick wit and ad-libbed one-liners will have you doubting the ‘randomness’ of just who you’re sitting next to …


“Not as good as Houdini – but funnier.” – Cosentino

“I did not give permission to use my name” – Derren Brown


Recommended for Adults 16+.

This show is 50 minutes.