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Tickets Disappearing fast


Have you got your tickets yet?

It’s just THREE WEEKS until the start of the biggest and best Magic Festival ever and several shows have already SOLD OUT!

Don’t miss out on seeing your favourite magicians just because the tickets vanished faster than you expected!


Our Week 2 Special Guest LU CHEN is now completely SOLD OUT – but there are still tickets available for our Week 1 Special Guest THE GREAT KAPLAN.


The MMF STAGE GALA SHOW only has, as of typing this, 15 tickets left. If you miss out, make sure you book for the MMF CLOSE UP GALA SHOW, or better still our all new hilarious gala FRIENDS OF FRIENDS where THIRTEEN well known magicians will appear as characters you’ve never seen before…like ‘The Guru’.


SASS & SECRETS is also almost sold out with just 12 tickets remaining.

Take advantage of this long weekend and browse through our massive programme and grab those tickets before they disappear!


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