June 27, 2023
7:30 pm
The Australian Institute of Magic presents a non-stop cavalcade of 6 to 8 top magicians showcasing BRAND NEW MAGIC they have just created and YOU get to give (anonymous) feedback to help make it even better!
July 4, 2023
6:20 pm
Illusionist Luke Blaze and Magician Jay Cristo present “SAINT”, a duo show like all the others...except with a garnish of US! Combining the intricacies of masterful sleight of hand, mystifying mentalism and the visual spectacular of Grand illusion (with an added free-of-charge bonus, our jokes).
July 4, 2023
7:50 pm
Dom Chambers' unconventional approach to magic has flown him around the globe, made him an online sensation, and landed him on a Broadway stage. A Boy and His Deck is his coming-of-age story.
Our hugely popular late night show is back! Join four of the best magicians in the Festival as they share their favourite tricks in this intimate venue.
After a lengthy absence, Pierre is finally coming back to Melbourne to share what he’s learnt about the magical arts.
July 9, 2023
6:00 pm
The Festival is over for another year but we are going out with an explosion of laughter and fun! Join us at 6.00pm for the 2023 MMF Awards Presentation followed at 7.00pm by a night of MagicSports like you've never seen before!
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