One Chance Only – 7.30pm Wednesday June 28



One Chance Only

Effect: Take two magicians, one audience and create a night of mystery and mirth. The magicians seem to delve into the deep recesses of the audience’s mind – as well as producing inexplainable visions that astound and delight.

Method: On one side of the stage place a magician of some 20 years’ experience. Set him about 2 metres from the front row of the audience. Give him cards, coins and charisma and let him ‘do his stuff’. Call him Nick Kay.

On the other side of the stage, place another magician, armed only with his dice and intuition, 2 metres from the audience. Again, step back and let him ‘explore’. Call this one Michael Pope.

What the audience sees: 90 minutes (at least) of mesmerizing magic that you have to see to believe in an intimate theatre space, where the performance is so close you can feel it. And in fact – many of you will….


(To protect the secrecy of The Laneway Theatre, the precise address will be emailed to you as soon as you book. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder or contact us immediately).

  • One show only
  • Recommended for ages 16+
  • Tickets from $20



Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Laneway Theatre is situated in Northcote near St Georges Road. Full directions are provided at the time of booking to protect the secrecy of the venue.

A: The show runs approximately 90 minutes with an intermission. Latecomers may not be admitted so please be on time.

A: The show operates on a guest list. No need to print your ticket, but maybe print out the directions we’ll email you!

A: You are more than welcome to take photos and short videos all throughout the venue and during the show. We would love it if you post them – with your feedback – on our Facebook Page and our Trip Advisor listing.

A: Though the show is family friendy, but we recommend 16+ as a minimum.

A: Please notify us in advance if you require access, as we have an alternate entrance for guests with mobility issues.

A: There are just 32 seats in The Laneway Theatre. Four rows of eight seats in tiered cinema style with not a bad seat in the house.
Before each show we allocate each seat to ensure maximum guest enjoyment.

If you have a special request ("I want to sit in the front row!", "I want to seat with my friends who booked separately.") then please email us in plenty of time so we can best accommodate your needs.

A: There is plenty of free street parking on St Georges Rd.

Event Details
Event Details