Dreamers – 8.00pm Saturday July 29

Every Saturday night at The Laneway Theatre.

50 years ago Tim Ellis dreamed of doing nothing but performing magic his entire life, and he has conjured this show for the Dreamer in all of us.

This extraordinary Australian performer has been wowing audiences all around the world, including Hollywood’s Magic Castle, Paris’ Le Double Fond and New York’s world famous Monday Night Magic Club. Now you too have the chance to be mesmerised by his unique brand of magic!

The Dream begins each night at 8pm and features magic and characters exclusive to The Laneway Theatre.

“What follows is 90 minutes of gasps and wide-eyed astonishment as Ellis performs close magic and sleight of hand.” – THE AGE

“Excellent magic show. A master at the top of his game.” – TRIP ADVISOR


(To protect the secrecy of The Laneway Theatre, the venue address will be supplied with your tickets – If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder or contact us immediately)

  • Every Saturday night at 8.00pm
  • Starring Tim Ellis
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Tickets from $28 to $35

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Laneway Theatre is situated in Northcote near St Georges Road. Full directions are provided at the time of booking to protect the secrecy of the venue.

A: The show usually runs 90 with no intermission. Latecomers may not be admitted so please be on time.

A: The show operates on a guest list. No need to print your ticket, but maybe print out the directions we’ll email you!

A: You are more than welcome to take photos and short videos all throughout the venue and during the show. We would love it if you post them – with your feedback – on our Facebook Page and our Trip Advisor listing.

A: Though the show has been created with adults in mind, we frequently have younger guests who enjoy the show just as much as the adults do. We recommend 10+ as a minimum.

A: Please notify us in advance if you require access, as we have an alternate entrance for guests with mobility issues.

A: Absolutely! We frequently open during the week for private bookings of up to 32 guests. Please email for pricing options.

A: There are just 32 seats in The Laneway Theatre. Four rows of eight seats in tiered cinema style with not a bad seat in the house.
Before each show we allocate each seat to ensure maximum guest enjoyment.

If you have a special request ("I want to sit in the front row!", "I want to seat with my friends who booked separately.") then please email us in plenty of time so we can best accommodate your needs.

A: There is plenty of free street parking on St Georges Rd.


"After audience members knock on a wooden door and give the secret password, Ellis invites his guests “to enter through the coffin” – a coffin-shaped door decorated with a skeleton – that leads to a warm, comfortable, 32-seat theatre that Ellis built and bedecked with magic-themed paraphernalia.

What follows is 85 minutes of gasps and wide-eyed astonishment as Ellis performs close magic and sleight of hand. We see every movement of his deft and deliciously mysterious hands on a huge screen, but it remains a jaw-dropping mystery how he executes these tricks with cards, bottles and silk handkerchiefs.

The “magic menu” is a choose-your-own-adventure performance where the audience selects magic from a menu of appetisers, entrees, mains and desserts, guaranteeing every show is different, but the utter wonderment stays the same.

Playing cards magically transform, a bell rings itself, coins disappear, objects transport themselves and Ellis reads volunteers’ minds. Adults will be as delighted, amazed and open-mouthed as the children." - THE AGE

"Up so close and still completely amazed by this master of magic. The whole show was captivating. Wonderful warm welcome and then the time flew by as Tim entranced us with his stories, charm and illusions." - TRIP ADVISOR

"Tim has woven incredible magic and illusions into a fabulous choose your own story (or rather 4 course meal). Tim is warm, funny natural story teller, his magic is so clever. The whole audience is invited to join in the show. Having sat right next to Tim I still couldn’t work out how he did it. This show is such a treat for all ages. Don’t miss out! Guessing that because the audience chooses their own adventure no two nights could ever be the same." - TRIP ADVISOR

"I'm not sure I have ever felt so engaged at a theatre. The warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere created by Tim had me feeling like I was enjoying this experience with a whole bunch of friends, when in reality it was me and my 4yr old grandson and a theatre of strangers. He is a true entertainer and a wonderful magician. My grandson has not stopped talking about it and actually, either have I. Just go - you'll love it." - TRIP ADVISOR

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Event Details